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Link Building Strategy with Anchor Text

SEO managers must have a very specific type of personality to continually deal with changes, revisions and modifications the how the major search engines index and rank pages in the serps. You have to be a continuous student always accepting that there is something else to learn because the vertical evolves at such an advance rate. This happens because SEO’s learn and develop methodologies that work and see results. However once over abused Google Recognizes this and changes their algorithm. This happened with hidden text on websites, the use of meta keywords and many other items.

One of the many items that we know today that’s critical in search engine optimization is link building. However the face of link building has also changed as far as what is acceptable in Google’s eyes and when I say Google’s eyes I mean white hat practices so it seems like your campaign is as natural as possible.

When an SEO wants to target certain keywords what do they do? They build links using that exact anchor text and lots of it all over the place. My question is don’t you think by now Google knows everyone builds the heck out of links for a few very specific keywords they are targeting? They know what the anchor text is obviously because they have cached the link from the external site and are now on yours. Don’t you think it’s possible Google has known this for a while now but only now have made modifications.

Recently in Feb. Google made a large announcement that included many changes to their algorithm and one cryptic paragraph revolving around link evaluation.

“Link evaluation. We often use characteristics of links to help us figure out the topic of a linked page. We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years. We often rearchitect or turn off parts of our scoring in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable.” – Posted by AmitSinghal, Senior VP and Google Fellow

No one knows for sure, but if I was a betting man (which I am) this has to do with Google wanting to ensure people aren’t building links and links are completely natural. What I am saying is I believe that are now putting less emphasis on exact match anchor text for link building and are more focused on the overall architecture of the off-page links they have found. This means they can be placing more value on lots of variables and phrase match, because honestly how believable is it you have 5,000 links with an exact match link when you only have a couple variable links. This means use of exact match, phrase match, brand + exact match, brand + phrase match, brand only and random url’s must all be part of the comprehensive plan. This use of variables and brand mash-ups will look much more natural and makes much more sense to the search engines of what they would expect to see. So lay off the heavy exact match, consider a 60/40 phrase to exact split as well as a 60/40 brand to non-brand split.  This will make sure your campaign looks like it ‘wasn’t’ a campaign and you will attain the true value from each of your links you should get.

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