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How to Create SEO Projections

Many people have a hard time deciding a substantive way to clearly present a quantitative projection or results for clients. This is probally why so many SEO Spam Artists guarantee #1 Rankings in Google right?  All kidding aside there are a multitude of ways one can present projections to a client that are sound.  In this blog I will demonstrate how I have had success in creating such a report to a prospect or a current client.

The first step in all of this is to clearly define what are the keywords you want to target. Since this post is not about keyword research I Daniel Kamen will assume you have chosen the right keywords using such data as click through rates, conversions, conversion rates, exact local match volume, keyword ranking and competition.  Once this is completed I would recommend putting the list of keywords into a spreadsheet including keyword ranking, volume, conversions, conversion rate and exact local match volume.  Once this is completed the fun begins.

Based on multiple case studies, there has been a standard in 2011 of what is believed to be the average click through rate for each keyword ranking between 1-20 from Optify.  Now it is quite difficult to predict for these set of keywords you have chosen what it will rank in 6 months or 12 months.  However one can gauge what it would take to be in the relative area of ranks which I break into zones.  I break these rank zones 1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-20 and take the average click through rate for each of these zones.  I predict what a zone a keyword will be in based on the average competitors back link profile, pages indexed, current rank and overall competitive results.  I then can actually predict what I believe the visits to be  after a 6 month period of time and 12 month period.  I choose these time frames since we all know SEO takes time to show results and this is to be used as projections not to be treated as a crystal ball.

Once you have decided on the projected rank zone, multiply the local exact search volume by the estimated click through rate.  Once completed you will have the projected amount of visits for the keywords you are targeting.  Then take the conversion rate average total and multiply this by the total amount of visits and you will then have your projected conversions.  Now take note you have branded and non-branded.  You will want to separate these out since branded there is probably little room for growth.  All of this can be done in scalable manner or for a large group of keywords possibly larger rank zones.

Well happy prospecting and remember ABC, always be conservative with your estimates. Always better to under-promise and over-deliver to your clients!

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