Link Building Strategy with Anchor Text

SEO managers must have a very specific type of personality to continually deal with changes, revisions and modifications the how the major search engines index and rank pages in the serps. You have to be a continuous student always accepting that there is something else to learn because the vertical evolves at such an advance rate. This happens because SEO’s learn and develop methodologies that work and see results. However once over abused Google Recognizes this and changes their algorithm. This happened with hidden text on websites, the use of meta keywords and many other items. Continue reading Link Building Strategy with Anchor Text

How to Create SEO Projections

Many people have a hard time deciding a substantive way to clearly present a quantitative projection or results for clients. This is probally why so many SEO Spam Artists guarantee #1 Rankings in Google right?  All kidding aside there are a multitude of ways one can present projections to a client that are sound.  In this blog I will demonstrate how I have had success in creating such a report to a prospect or a current client. Continue reading How to Create SEO Projections

SEO New York: Finding the right hire at an agency

ConvergeDirect the marketing agency based out of New York has been rapidly expanding looking for additional resources to support their growing client base. I, Daniel Kamen, the SEO Manager in the New York City office has recently been interviewing candidates to fill an SEO Strategist role. After many interviews on both sides of the fence I have shaped my interviewing techniques to ensure I find exactly what I am looking for in a candidate. Continue reading SEO New York: Finding the right hire at an agency