SEO Manager Exam

Once you have asked an SEO Manager candidate for a second round interview, I would make them take a test to better understand what their experience and knowledge base truly is without preparation. Not only is this an expertise test but is an aptitude test based on how they answer considering there can be multiple answers. This test covers the core areas that an SEO must know, yet are a mix of top level and detail based questions.  Continue reading SEO Manager Exam

Biggest SEO Blunder: Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content. There is lots of great materials out there on search engine optimization and a whole lot more now than there was in 2007.  There have been a lot of changes so many we can’t keep up with. However to truly understand SEO, you need practical experience.  This means that now only do you need practical experience, but on a weekly basis you must continuously know about any updates in the search world. Continue reading Biggest SEO Blunder: Duplicate Content

How to Put a Price on SEO

Whether you’re at an agency or working for yourself, one of the toughest decisions to make is how much to charge your potential client. SEO is one of the fields that there is no right way to set a price on your efforts and there is no commonly lead path.  From my conversations with others what I have come to find is that there are drastic differences in how people come to a price point.  As an SEO manager in New York I, Daniel Kamen have created my own pricing methodology, but I would like to discuss different options that should be considered before you decide to pull a number out of thin air or use a number just because that is what you charged your past 3 clients. Continue reading How to Put a Price on SEO